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Introducing the Maestro Contact Centre

In this hyper-competitive business landscape, customer support is the cornerstone of business success. 89% of customers are more likely to buy again from a company after a positive customer experience.

However, with customer requirements constantly fluctuating, keeping up with the expectations can be challenging. Some common hassles customer support teams commonly encounter are:

  • Transferring calls
  • Not understanding customer requirements
  • Serving multiple customers
  • Managing excessive service tickets
  • Slow reply/resolution times
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Low agent productivity

Here’s where Quality Connect’s Maestro Contact Centre takes over. Maestro Contact Centre is a one-stop solution for your contact centre challenges. It is designed from the ground up with a holistic view of the Contact Centre industry and its current and future requirements in mind. The solution helps customer service and sales teams achieve greater productivity, improve user experience, and increase customer retention.


Digital Transformation 

In this hyper-competitive landscape, digital transformation is a must for any business to survive and maintain a competitive edge. Today, customers expect to get in touch with your organisation promptly and on their channel of choice. To keep up with these requirements, you need to adopt a digital transformation strategy that improves operational efficiency and enhances customer experience and satisfaction.

A major challenge customer support teams face is the high average age of query (AAQ). In this fast-paced world, customers want their queries to be resolved instantly. However, traditional contact centre systems lack agility, and customers end up waiting for days and weeks to get a resolution. This adversely affects the customer experience and can hurt your business in the long run.

Maestro Contact Centre is a cloud-based system that helps you overcomes these hurdles. You can offer instant, omnichannel support to your customers and drastically reduce wait times and the time taken to resolve a query.


Multiple Channels and Channel of Choice

Businesses with an omnichannel strategy see a 91%1 greater year-over-year customer retention.

Giving your customers the luxury to contact you on the channel of their choice can go a long way in elevating their experience. From a business point of view, providing omnichannel support can help you build brand awareness and authority, increase credibility, increase customer retention, and boost profitability.

Maestro Contact Centre allows you to deliver omnichannel experiences to your customers. It enables you to integrate multiple channels, including voice call, email, and social media. Besides, the cloud capabilities allow you to offer services across various devices, such as desktop, mobile, tablets, and more.


Scaling up your Contact Centre

Maestro is designed to be flexible, extensible, scalable and can integrate with legacy equipment such as traditional telephony (PBX) and modern contact centre systems. Many businesses when starting only require voice and email channels for communicating with clients. However, as your business grows, you need more social media, website, and other channels.

Maestro’s Contact Centre suite comes with cloud capabilities that allow you to scale up your business as per your requirements. Scaling up traditional systems is expensive and requires a hefty investment. Maestro offers seamless, low-cost scalability, which makes your business agile and future-proof.

Increasing your Agents productivity

Improving agents’ productivity is imperative to efficient and profitable contact centre operations. Unfortunately, most businesses struggle when it comes to achieving greater agent performance.

Maestro reduces your agents’ idle time and increases their occupancy rate. All your agents’ tasks and channels are consolidated into a single, intuitive dashboard. Your agents no longer need to switch to and from different tabs and applications, like CRM, email, phone system, social media, etc. As a result, they can spend most of their time on core tasks and be more productive.


Managing Your Agent’s Workload

Agents are humans too. While improving agent productivity is critical, you must also acknowledge that excessive workload can affect their performance. Therefore, it’s essential to manage agent workload and assign them tasks that they can handle while keeping their focus and performance intact.

Maestro offers a dedicated dashboard for managers and team leaders. You can assign tasks to agents and monitor which tasks they completed or are working on. This provides you with a transparent view of each agent’s day-to-day tasks and helps manage the workload better.



As customer expectations continue to increase, businesses need to make sure their customer support and service align with what the customers need. Using the right technology can help you better utilise your resources and make your agents more productive. Quality Connect’s Maestro Contact Centre is a modern-day call centre solution that helps customer support, service or sales teams achieve their business and strategic objectives.

Do you want to unleash your agents’ full potential and make your customer service more effective? Maestro can help.

Get in touch with us now to learn more about how Maestro can add value to your business.



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