A Cloud-based Contact Centre Software to Assist Your Customers and Agents Alike


Quality Connect’s Maestro platform is a contact centre suite that helps you manage Omni-Channel interactions with your customers. Whether these interactions are inbound or outbound, whether they are through calls, e-mails, webchat, or social media (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter), Maestro handles them all. Its flexible interface and state-of-the-art features not only enhance customer experience but also allow agents to maximise their productivity. Here are some of these salient features of Maestro:


Agent Interface Design

Maestro’s user-oriented design makes it quick to learn and easy to access. Agents who are newly starting out in your organisation will have no trouble working on various systems through a single Unified Desktop Interface. You can personalise or customise Maestro’s desktop interface to suit the type of engagement be it debt collection, market research, sales, or support queries. You can personalise or customise Maestro’s desktop interface as per your business needs – whether you have a CRM, ticketing, workforce or other application to fulfil customer engagement touch points along their journey with your brand. These third-party applications can be integrated onto the agents desktop through Maestro’s proprietary API framework.

Your agents can also keep track of all queries and issues related to a given customer through a single view of that customer with historical context of a conversation for a given channel. This allows agents’ to better respond to the customer’s requirements as they can look at the customer’s historical engagement with your organisation. This helps improve agent productivity and performance when communicating with the customer, which ultimately enhances customer experience and satisfaction.

Moreover, supervisors and other permitted stakeholders can readily access Maestro’s management and administration interfaces online via a web browser and visualise the entire workspace and performance metrics. This has become a “need of the hour” for all organisations regardless of the size of your business operation.


Multi-session, Omnichannel capabilities

What sets Maestro apart from other automatic call distributors (ACDs) is that it extends its capabilities to cater for multimedia session distribution through our Automatic Session Distribution (ASD) engine. So, your agents can manage a voice session alongside one or more text sessions. Plus, Maestro ensures that agent transfers from media session type to another is smooth and uninterrupted.


Better customer-agent matching

Maestro is equipped with a routing feature called Pathfinder that automatically matches customers to available agents in times of high activity. Whether your agents are working from home or remotely, you can efficiently manage a sudden upsurge in customer communication into your contact centre.

Moreover, agent performance data lets you leverage Pathfinder, to transfer customer interactions to the most-suited agents. Pathfinder reviews all the agents who have previously spoken to a particular customer and identifies those agents who received the highest ratings from that customer. This allows Maestro to route calls from any customer to the agents that were rated the highest. If the highly rated agents are not available at the time, Pathfinder places the call in a queue for the next available agent.

Additionally, through the collection of agent performance data, supervisors can review the audio or text interactions between your agents and customers, and identify those agents who need coaching.


Blending inbound/outbound sessions for load-balancing

Maestro allows you to blend text and voice sessions for both inbound and outbound campaigns while maintaining agent performance and efficiency. Transferring agents between inbound/outbound campaigns eliminates the need to hire more staff for blended customer engagement strategies. Maestro makes sure to take agent numbers and call traffic into account when blending inbound and outbound sessions while maintaining agent efficiency.

With these and many other features, Maestro is a state-of-the-art contact centre suite that helps you better manage customer interactions. It has proved to be an effective tool not only for customer service but also for market research (CATI) and telemarketing. At the same time, its unique interface design and unparalleled routing technology can enhance customer experience and satisfaction with better customer-agent matching and communication.

For more information, contact us on (marketing@qconnect.co.za) today to try out Maestro in your organisation!