Solutions to Suit Your Business Needs

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

For marketing operations that need to nurture suspects and convert leads into sales opportunities, QConnect delivers the ability to reach more leads per hour with the information your reps need to convert leads faster. With Maestro you will experience higher contacts and sales per hour and faster ramp-up times for new agents

Market Research

Market Research (CATI)

Our customer contact solutions integrates with CATI products such as IBM SPSS, Quancept, Nebu, Nipo, CfMC, Askia, Confirmit and others as demand dictates. We provide robust support to help ensure non-stop productivity. The predictive dialling performance is simply best in class and can deliver significant benefits, even on campaigns with long talk times

Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Identifying and contacting debtors is a huge challenge when you don’t have enough information. But information alone isn’t enough to lead to successful recovery. You need the right collections strategy support by technology to make contact with the right debtor, at the right time

Customer Service

Customer Service

QConnect’ s automated dialling features reduce time wasted dialling and waiting for no-answers and allow your agents to focus on the live connections they make.  Call blending allows your agents to received both inbound and outbound calls without having to manually change system control settings or cost your business additional licenses

Meet the MAESTRO

MAESTRO® is an Omni-Channel contact centre platform that controls communication on your channel of choice, be it Voice, Email, SMS, Webchat, Social Media or WhatsApp. The platform is modular by design, reliable, powerful and simple to use. Our MAESTRO® platform supports TDM and VOIP technology giving its flexibility to work with legacy PBX or VOIP gateways. Rich agent desktop features Unifies communication between multiple systems enabling a 360 view of the customer while assisting the agent to deliver contextual and personalised communication. Automated communication is no problem with our voice-bot and chat-bot capability which can be augmented with Artificial Intelligence for next generation customer service.

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5 Contact Centre Trends to Remain Competitive

In 2015 Forrester released a report titled “Contact Centres Must Go Digital or Die”. Retrospectively, providing Digital Customer Service through your Contact Centre is critical to take your business to the next level. Here are five Contact Centre trends you must incorporate to remain competitive in the Customer Engagement arena.

#1 Digital Transformation

No longer are price and product key brand differentiators in the competitor landscape. Today, customers need something more to give them that WOW factor. They need superior customer experiences that will shift them towards brand loyalty. Next generation customer experiences enables brands to provide personalised experience for every customer on their channel of choice, wherever they are, on any device and at any time. Digital transformation empowers everyone – the customer, the agent and your brand in the modern business world.

#2 Artificial Intelligence

AI has been growing in the contact centre landscape for a few years now and is here to stay. Integrating AI to your customer service strategy is imperative to assist with work prioritisation, increased first call resolution rates, CSAT and Net Promotor Scores. As we begin to live side-by-side with Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, Bixby and more, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is becoming the next wave towards autonomous engagement. Automatic Speech Recognition Technology allows human beings to speak with a computer interface which converts human speech into text so that a machine can resemble what is being said. Natural Language Processing is the next step to understand what we actually mean saving hours of time to decode every utterance that a human being makes when engaging with your brand.

With Predictive Analytics you can identify customer sentiment and provide agents with accurate information upfront, to have emphatic conversations enhancing the customer’s experience.

#3 AI Enabled Self-Service (IVR & Bots)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has been around for a long time and isn’t going away anytime soon. IVR’s augmentation with AI speech recognition and voice biometrics is the new front to circumvent challenges with DTMF tones (“press 1 to speak to an agent”). The evolution of IVR menus into artificially intelligent voice bots will complement the natural process of capturing consumer queries. AI enables Chatbots undeniably reduces the time to wait for answers to basic questions that are relevant to your business and customers. The right chat can help your customers find exactly what they’re looking for without having to click around an entire website. Integrated with back-end systems intelligent chatbots can provide anything, from basic Q & A’s, support product searches, update account details, upsell, cross-sell, and offer this interaction 24/7/365 thus lowering the cost of employing more agents.


#4 Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

With the ‘now consumer’ expectation, relooking your customer engagement strategy is imperative to handle communication demands across all channels. Omni-Channel is the consumer-centric approach in delivering seamless customer engagement while lowering the resolution cycle. It’s about delivering consistent, contextual and comprehensive engagement across all touch-points in the customer life-cycle. Omni-Channel communication is now a standard to unify customer engagement and break-down silos of information that exist across the enterprise. Additionally, incorporating Social Media in your Omni-Channel communication strategy has become an essential business requirement in order to ‘go where your customer is’.

#5 Analytics

Reducing the cost of operations while maintaining high customer satisfaction is an indispensable requirement across all contact centres. With the use of interaction analytics not only are you able to capture customer interactions across all touchpoints, but also drive agent performance through automated call monitoring and scoring against agreed quality parameters on a daily basis. This removes the subjectivity from human-performance-management. Using these and more insights you can continuously drive a ‘quality culture’ while improving your contact centre performance.